You have your competition routines and a great dress, and your entries are submitted. But wait! Something's missing. ACCESSORIES! Do you have the right accessories to match your outfit? How would you know what's right for what?

Your accessories are the icing on the cake, and choosing the perfect one is as important as having the right dress.

Tips on How to Choose Your Dance Accessories

First of all, ladies- when choosing accessories, consider your dance style. You will often see hoop-style earrings or fringe for Latin and Rhythm dance.

  • For a smooth & standard look, you need earrings with large clusters of stones with a clip or French clip.
  • Ballroom earrings come with both options of clip-on or pierced.
  • Play around with your looks based on your dress and how you will wear your hair.
  • For necklaces, you can choose great chunky options to add punch to your costume. There are bangle bracelets for the Rhythm/Latin dancers and beautiful cuffs for the smooth/standard. Many options to play with.
  • Ladies, there is jewelry for your hair too. They come in many styles and can add to a dance floor look. Let your hair stylist put the jewelry in and show you the tricks to the trade.

Ballroom Accessories

PRO TIP: Bring your earrings and necklace to your hair appointment so your stylist can see your look (it doesn't hurt to bring a photo of you in your dress).

PRO TIP 2: I always choose jewelry to match my costuming, but I also go to competitions with a little bag of extras to have several options. A couple of earring options or necklaces- even bracelet changes will do.

Sometimes you can wear your black practice dress and style it with your extra ballroom accessories, and BOOM!, you are ready for the evening parties, dinner, pro shows, and maybe ready to go for a few cocktails after!

I always store my jewelry between competitions in a felt-lined wooden drawer, sometimes in a mesh bag and preserved well, so they are in good condition. Always inspect your jewelry before wearing, and wipe off any makeup or stains to keep them shiny.

Ballroom Earrings

Ballroom Jewelry

You have to buy true “ballroom” jewelry for your dancing. Is there a difference, you ask?

There's street jewelry or costume jewelry mostly made with little prongs or hooks that can snag your hair or costumes and ruin your look.

Then there's Ballroom jewelry. It's different because it’s made for movement with the stones glued especially onto the base items. Ballroom jewelry stays where it belongs and allows you to dance as freely as you like. Imagine how you would look with regular jewelry flying around while you dance. Not very cute, is it?

Ballroom jewelry is made of sparkly Swarovski stones; so it shines brightly and attracts the attention of the judges as you move on the dance floor.

Now, you know more about your accessories and how to choose them.

Once you have a style you like made especially for ballroom dancing, you are ready to rock that dance floor!

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Happy Dancing!