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  1. Beyond Ordinary: Be Royalty at Kings Ball

    December is approaching. We all know what that means: it’s time to go to the ball!   Nonono… not that type of ball!   That’s more like it! There’s no time like Kings Ball time to feel like nobility. And, of course, the perfect way to feel like royalty is to dress like royalty! The experience wouldn’t be complete without...

    BALLROOM DANCE PRACTICE SHOES    What’s the difference and what should I buy?  One of the most frequent questions I’m asked by my students is about dance shoes. There are so many different types, and they’re so different from everyday street shoes. It’s like a whole new world!   Today, we’re going to explore this new world with a focus...
  3. Visit Dress4Dance at Golden Star

    Visit Dress4Dance at Golden Star
    Dress4Dance is delighted to be attending this year's Golden Star Dancesport Championship. Please stop by our booth where we will have over 150 hand-made Latin and Smooth/Standard dance costumes for you to browse.  You can also explore our line of Training Attire and Men's Dance Wear or talk to us about creating a unique costume just for you! Dates:  January...

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