Dress4Dance will be at the Ohio Star Ball. The competition is held in Columbus Ohio, November 15-20th, 2022 at the Columbus Convention Center and adjoining Hyatt Regency Hotel. Dress4Dance will be in the ballroom location at the Columbus Convention Center.


Dress4Dance will be there for all of your immediate competition needs and future competition planning and preparations.


When planning your next dress for the “big” competition, your first order is to start planning now. Make sure you make an appointment now to prepare your look ahead for the competition.

Shopping at the comp?

Dancers plan to visit the Dress4Dance booth and say hi to Alex & Bella, Dress4Dance’s friendly and helpful owners. You may need jewelry, shoes, accessories or last minute hair pieces for the event you are dancing in. Practice wear is a MUST at this event. Great for elegance in the ballroom for watching the dancing with any type of jewelry, and running off to dinner with friends or a visit to your coach for some practice time. One outfit for the day!


If you are looking for a new dress, plan time to try on dresses at the competition. Dress4Dance dresses are of the highest quality. The fabric and construction of a Dress4Dance dress is impeccable.


Very important - YOUR STONES WILL NOT FALL OFF. Many dancers feel frustrated after investing in a dress or having one made and the stones start popping off immediately or even over time. This simply does NOT happen with Dress4Dance.


Lately l have spoken to many dancers who have been upset over this and I always say, “try Dress4Dance, I’ve never had a problem”, and this is very true. I have been wearing their dresses for nearly 20 years and have never had an issue. I have a few dresses in my closet that have been danced in by multiple dancers for 10-15 years and the stones are nearly perfect. I don’t know how they do it, but it makes me feel very secure in their dresses. I can dance as full out as I need to without concern. This is major for dancers.


If you’re looking for a new dress to change up for this competition, your next competition or would like a custom dress to design -visit the booth at Ohio Star Ball. Many first time shoe shoppers love ordering ahead from Dress4Dance and picking up shoes at the competition to ensure sizing.


Holidays are right around the corner. Make sure to ask Dress4Dance about their sister company, SilktoCotton Designs. Silk pillowcases are all the rage for dancers and non-dancers alike! They really save the hair and skin in amazing ways. Hair does not experience breakage or frizzing- much healthier and our skin is caressed by the soft, non-rigid fibers keeping us vibrant and allowing our skincare products to stay where they need- in our skin.


Dancers also enjoy the pillowcases for travel and in hotel rooms as a luxury to slip over hotel pillows preserving our hair and makeup!


SilktoCotton Designs carries custom pajamas in organic cotton and silk. Great for family gatherings, birthday parties, bridal events or even a staff thank you. Be sure to check out www.silktocottondesigns.com.


See you at Ohio State! November 15-20th, 2022



Christine (Dancer at Dress4Dance and Fan For Life!)