December is approaching. We all know what that means: it’s time to go to the ball!


Nonono… not that type of ball!


That’s more like it!

There’s no time like Kings Ball time to feel like nobility. And, of course, the perfect way to feel like royalty is to dress like royalty!

The experience wouldn’t be complete without an invitation, though.

Now that you’re at the Kings Ball, how do you treat yourself like the imperial highness you are? 

Here’s a guide on how to prepare in advance to dance your best and some tips on how to shop like a pro.  


Before you dance. 

Stop by before you dance for some last-minute jewelry and accessories. I love changing up my look with those little details right at the comp. I like to make each competition feel special and unique (because they all are!) and our  dancing improves each time. So why not spoil ourselves a little?

Let’s say you make the final of the competition. Now it’s time to really stand out, but how will you do that if you look the same. All. The. Time? Whether it’s changing up your bracelets and earrings -- or even another dress! -- having a new look will refresh your dancing.

What's more, I can alter my outfit to fit my mood. Handy!

Bangle bracelets are probably my favorite accessories. They are  inexpensive, durable, and pack a punch on the floor. They are timeless and can be used again and again with different looks. Also, they’re fantastic as a quick way to dress up an eveningwear or a showcase look: bangles are very lightweight and easy to dance in. 


After you dance. 

After some hefty hydration, some post-dance cleaning, a little coffee, and a snack, the competition adrenaline still courses through my body and I feel pumped. I’m ready to go -- go shop, that is!  

While my head is still in the game, I want to prepare for my next competition. I head over to the Dress for Dance booth to design a dress. Being in the  ballroom is when we feel most inspired by colors and textures.  


Got some prize money to invest? This is an excellent opportunity to grab a few items you’ve been meaning to get (yes, I know you have a list ;) ). My list always includes: 

  1. Practice wear. Nothing feels better than showing up to that next  coaching or lesson in a fresh skirt or pair of pants. 
  2. An alternate pair of shoes. When it comes to shoes, there is such a thing as too late. You may need a new pair of practice shoes, or it’s time to start breaking in a new pair of competition shoes for next time. Keep your shoes fresh and plentiful! 
  3. Gift certificates. Yes, a gift certificate! The holidays are coming, and gift certificates are great to have in your back pocket for your dancing friends or  professionals.  


While you are at the booth, be sure to ask about other gifts you can purchase for  the holiday season. Did you know Dress for Dance sells the most luxurious robes, pajamas, and silk pillowcases? Many of these items are customizable (woah!) and come in great little gift boxes making great studio gifts, dancer gifts or anybody gifts.  

You’re at Kings Ball -- so treat yourself like the king or queen you are! You can find anything you might want at the Dress for Dance booth, so come stop on by. We can’t wait to see you!

See the label? When you see a dancer in a Dress for Dance label or robe, be sure to say, “Hello!” Our Dress for Dance community is very welcoming and we’re happy you’re here with us.