We are celebrating the return of dance competitions with one of the only publicly televised competitions in the United States, the Ohio Star Ball!  So, get ready for a week of dancing, competition, performances, and shopping at one of America’s historic ballroom dance competitions November 16-21, 2021 in Columbus, Ohio.

To match the occasion, we are packing our Dress4Dance van to the brim!  We are bringing an assortment of classic, modern, and trendy styles for the dance floor!


Looking for a latin dress or ballroom dress to wear for the competition?

We have ready-to-wear items on our rack!

Interested in practice dresses for some comfortable warmups, instead?

We have a large collection in different styles!

Hoping to bring your own idea to life?

Bring your inspiration pictures and a cup of coffee over to our table, and we can design the custom ballroom dress that fits your needs.

Forgot to pack something for the trip?

We thought of that too!  Whether your need a pair of smooth shoes, men’s dance pants, or ballroom jewelry, visit our booth!  We are located on the 2nd floor of the venue.  Simply, look for the deep purple Dress4Dance banners, and the rhinestone-free floors (our stonework can stand the test of time)!


Alternately, want to prepare yourself ahead of Ohio Star Ball?

Here’s how:

1. Go to www.dress4dance.com and order your new luxurious warm-up robe. Great for warm-ups, hair appointments and relaxing in between dances.

2. Also be sure to check out www.silktocottondesigs.com and order your silk pillowcase today to preserve your hairstyle, makeup and get good rest time in for your dancing.

3. Finally, visit www.facebook.com/dress4danceusa and "Like Us" to be part of the amazing Dress4Dance community and family! And don’t forget to JOIN the newly refreshed Dress4Dance special group - who will be the 1000th member?


Happy dancing and see you at the competition.Dress4Dance comes to Ohio Star Ball